The Positive Experience are an experimental indie band fronted by genderpunk poet and MC Lady Incarnate (Bam Jam). They are a band that hold groove and message in equally high regard and have become a strong figure of Edinburgh’s underground. 

The band formed in December 2018 for a one-off performance to fundraise for Edinburgh’s beloved Forest Café. They continued performing together and have appeared in support of multiple causes including Glasgow’s "Stansted 15" solidarity concert, Extinction Rebellion protests, Project Play and Edinburgh Girls Rock School, Eden 2019 festival, 42 Degrees 2021 and Knockengorroch 2022, as well as a featured record on 'Love Music Hate Racism' compilation album. 

The band members hail from all over the globe and they approach songwriting with a method of improvisation and collaboration. These pan-global influences shine through in their raucous live sets, ranging from cutting and insightful spoken word to dream-rock, funk, soul and live hip hop. The team involves thicc basslines from Mischa “Scubadubdub” Stevens (The Moonlands, Nimbus Sextet, Jamboree); the capable hands of drummer, flautist, vocalist and multi-instrumental genius Tenzin Stephen (The Moonlands); arrangements and expert keys at the fingers of maestro Artem “Feather Daddy” Kobeletskyy (For The Birds Collective); composition and guitar based grooves from Kit “Dad” Bowen (House of Wax, EndlessGrooves); the bright and skillful energy from violist Annapurna Ganguly with the dreamy and powerful voice and percussion performed by Steph Ward.

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